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Visual MODFLOW 2011.1

Schlumberger Water Services is pleased to welcome you to the growing community of Visual MODFLOW users, currently consisting of more than 6,000 scientists and engineers from around the world.  We are proud of the fact that Visual MODFLOW is the most popular and widely-used groundwater modeling software package in the world, and we are committed to maintaining a leading position in groundwater software development.

This document provides supplemental information to the Visual MODFLOW User's Manual and contains late-breaking details on new features and known issues with the program.  You are encouraged to read this document prior to starting Visual MODFLOW.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Visual MODFLOW

Visual MODFLOW is the most complete and easy-to-use modeling environment for practical applications in three-dimensional groundwater flow and contaminant transport simulations. This fully-integrated package combines MODFLOW, MODPATH, ZoneBudget, MT3Dxx/RT3D, and WinPEST* with the most intuitive and powerful graphical interface available. The logical menu structure and easy-to-use graphical tools allow you to:

The model input parameters and results can be visualized in 2D (cross-section and plan view) or 3D* at any time during the development of the model or the displaying of the results. For complete three-dimensional groundwater flow and contaminant transport modeling, Visual MODFLOW is the only software package you will need.

When you purchase Visual MODFLOW, or any Schlumberger Water Services software product, you not only get the best software in the industry, you also gain the reputation of the company behind the product, and professional technical support for the software from our team of qualified groundwater modeling professionals. Schlumberger Water Services has been developing groundwater software since 1989 and our software is recognized, accepted and used by groundwater professionals in over 90 different countries around the world. This type of recognition is invaluable in establishing the credibility of your modeling software to clients and regulatory agencies.

*WinPEST and 3D-Explorer are only available with the Pro and Premium versions.

What's New in Visual MODFLOW 2011.1

The main interface for Visual MODFLOW 2011.1 has much of the same user-friendly look and feel as previous versions of Visual MODFLOW, but what’s “under the hood” has been dramatically improved to give you more powerful tools for entering, modifying, analyzing, and presenting your groundwater modeling data. Some of the more significant upgrade features in the latest version of Visual MODFLOW are described below.

The following new features are available in Visual MODFLOW 2011.1:


64-Bit MODFLOW Engines

Parallel Processing - Flow and Transport Engines

SAMG Update (LMG2)

Improved Evapotranspiration Runtime Settings

·         Similar to Recharge, Evapotranspiration can now be applied to different layers during the simulation

·         To the top layer

·         To a specified layer

·         To the top-most active layer

Extended Lake Capabilities

Recent History of Changes

Fixed in v. (August 2011)

Fixed in v. (September 2010)

Fixed in v. Patch 3 (November 2009)

Files affected: MFImport.exe, Readme.htm, VMCalibration.exe, VMImpProps.exe, VMOD.dll, VMOD.exe, VMOD.xml, VMPlot.exe, VMWellsImport.dll

Added in v. (March 2009)

Fixed in v. (March 2009)

Updating Old Visual MODFLOW Models

Visual MODFLOW is fully compatible with projects from Version 4.x. Visual MODFLOW automatically detects whether a project was created in an earlier version of Visual MODFLOW. If it detects such a project, Visual MODFLOW will automatically update the files to the current format. However, since the converted files are not compatible, Visual MODFLOW will ask if you want to create a backup copy of the project before it converts the files.

NOTE: Although the direct opening of Visual MODFLOW 3.X and older models is not explicitly supported, due to the possibility of differences between the original project and the converted project, in most cases there should be no issues experienced when directly opening an old Visual MODFLOW project in Version 2011.1. However, SWS recommends that you carefully check your Input and Run parameters after converting to the current format, before continuing to work with the project. If you encounter problems with converting old projects, please contact us for Extended Modeling Support (EMS):

It is recommended that you ALWAYS create a backup copy of any project files you open in the new version of Visual MODFLOW.

NOTE: Schlumberger Water Services is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages, however caused, if project data has not been securely and independently backed up.

Known Issues with Visual MODFLOW

Although every reasonable effort has been made to fix any known problems with the software, there are some issues with the software we were not able to fix before the program was released.  These remaining issues will not affect the results of the simulation in any way, but they do affect your ability to use the software.  We are working towards the elimination of these problems, and we will be posting patch installation programs on the SWS website from time to time so you can update your program.  However, in the meantime, it is important for you to know about the issues that may affect the performance of the software and your ability to use it effectively.  These issues are documented below:


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